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'Super nanny' for dogs Victoria Stilwell: Campaigns

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Length: 7:01
In this video, Victoria Stilwell (super nanny for dogs) tells us about some of the campaigns she and her organisation 'Positively' dog training supports.

Victoria, Dog Trainer and Behaviour counsellor from the TV program 'It's Me or the Dog', has been living in the United States of America for a number of years now but the issues she is interested in have relevance to both here and the States.

One of the advantages of TV success has been that it has given her the opportunity to have a voice on the issues she feels are most important. In this video, she talks about some of the issues she feels most passionately about such as Puppy Farming and why she is so strongly against it.

As National Ambassador for the American Humane Association, she works on a number of fronts to help to protect and support those most vulnerable in society such as children and animals and she talks about what sort of help can be offered whether it be in the form of advice, and/or training, or of financial aid. Many initiatives, such as Homeless Pets Clubs can benefit both children and animals in surprising ways.

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