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Restraint Tolerance: teaching dogs to accept handling Play this video 17:54
Restraint Tolerance: teaching dogs to accept handling Even though dogs have been living with people for hundreds of years, there is still something a little artificial about it, and the arrangement makes demands on dogs to behave in ways that might not come naturally. When a dog needs to be examined by the vet, for example, they need to allow their body to be handled, and possibly held still, without reacting against it. Even in every day life, humans like to stroke and even hug dogs, which might not be as enjoyable for the dog. To prepare them for this, teaching restraint tolerance as a trained behaviour, especially at an early age can be very useful. In this video, Brenda Aloff shows how to go about teaching this in a way that keeps the dog comfortable.

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Brenda Aloff seminars

Friday, 15 April 2016

We had a great time at Brenda Aloff's seminars with Dog & Bone this week, Brenda was discussing Handling Reactive Dogs and Training Reactive Dogs and we had a stand at the Bedfordshire and the Yorkshire events.

Brenda was a fascinating speaker and obviously a fan of Naturally Happy Dogs, so much so that she was more than happy to do some more filming before her seminars even started. We look forward to editing those three new videos and putting them live soon.

The NHD stand was very popular at the seminars, with many people coming over to sign up.

The camping and caravan show.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Dog lovers are often going to want to take their dogs on holiday with them but may also be away from home with their dogs for other reasons, too, such as entering multi-day doggie events. For this reason, something like a motor home or caravan can offer the freedom to take your dog(s) with you.

On 24th February Naturally Happy Dogs set off to the NEC in Birmingham to explore the sort of vehicles that are currently on the market. The choice is bewildering: a huge range of sizes and types but more especially a wide range of internal layouts. Ones that particularly caught our eye were motor homes where parts of the interior could be removed, altered or moved. We even found a small motor home with generous room for dog crates under a bed.

The vehicle that appealed most to us, though, was the least practical: a caravan made entirely of lego. It wasn't something you could take on holiday but was utterly charming.

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