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Greyhound collars and how to fit them correctly Play this video 5:59
Greyhound collars and how to fit them correctly Jo Blake is Operations Manager at the Greyhound Trust. She has not only worked with Greyhounds for 13 years but is a Greyhound owner herself. Jo feels getting the right collar for a Greyhound is essential in helping to keep them safe and comfortable. In this video, she gives advice on the best shape of collar and how to fit it. She also gives some useful pointers on the key features to look out for when choosing a collar.

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DNA tests for dogs

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Some time ago we filmed an article about DNA Breed Identification and found some interesting results about the breeds that made up office dog Sandy.

We have recently come across this web page with some information about the different dog DNA tests available, if you want your dog to be DNA tested, visit to find out about 5 different Dog DNA tests.

How do you choose your dog food?

Sunday, 17 December 2017

We have been looking into how people choose their dog food recently, we have a subscriber benefit voucher code for 2 weeks free dog food at on our discount codes page. We also came across this website which has some very interesting information on it about the 8 major aspects to consider when choosing your dog's diet.

How do you choose your dog food? Do you feed raw or commercial? Do let us know through our Contact Us page and we'll add your thoughts into our research!

Thanks :)

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