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How to handfeed your dog effectively

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Dima Yeremenko has trained dogs to participate in most activities you can think of, has appeared on TV with his 'dancing dogs' and regularly performs at dog shows and events. Each day, Dima walks a pack of over a dozen dogs - all off lead and all incredibly well behaved, despite the fact that most aren't even his, and new dogs are joining the group all the time.

Dima puts his success with dog training (especially with dogs with behaviour 'problems') down to his handfeeding regime. Every dog that Dima looks after spends around 2 weeks receiving their entire daily food ration from Dima's hand. This quickly encourages them to want to 'work' for every biscuit they get - allowing Dima to reward them for good behaviours 100's of times per day.

In this video, we find out from Dima how to use the 10 steps that he outlines in his book 'Dima's Dog School'

The 10 steps include:
Session 1: A fresh start
Session 2: Playing conductor: Clicker training
Session 3: These boots were made for walking
Session 4: Cool dog moves
Session 5: Cuddling up
Session 6: Gimme five! And other funky moves
Session 7: Rejection - who needs it?
Session 8: Lazybones activities
Session 9: Obstacle training
Session 10: Distance control commands

Dima explains how he uses handfeeding for the first few weeks and then steers the dogs away from working purely for food, towards working for the handler.

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