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Disc Dog

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Length: 8:00
Chiara Zorzetto is an Italian dog trainer who has been involved in the sport of Disc Dog for three years.

Disc Dog was developed in America in the 1970s and is now a worldwide sport but little known in the UK. It is sometimes known as 'frisbee dog' but the term Frisbee is a trademark so the sport is officially called 'disc dog'.

Chiara tells us the story of the origin of the sport and about the sport itself: how it is organised, about the different elements of the competition and how points are allocated. It is open to a wide variety of dogs and different competitions allow for differences in dog sizes as well as levels of ability. The discs that they use also come in a variety of sizes and different kinds of materials to allow for different sized mouths and different bite types.

It may be a competition but, at the end of the day, it's all about having fun with your dog and from the demonstration Chiara gives us, it looks a lot of fun.

The four main American federations are:


and more information about DiscDog can be found at:

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