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Cavalier health issues

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Length: 9:49
Margaret Carter, from Cavalier Matters, shares with us the sorts of health problems that may affect Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Cavaliers are a delightful breed but many, these days, suffer from a range of health issues. The most typical are: eye problems, heart problems and a specific neurological problem, Syringomyelia (SM). Margaret tells us how these and other typical problems manifest.

Irresponsible breeding of Cavaliers has resulted in a situation now where 70% of them will have SM by the time they are 6 years old. A responsible breeder will check for these problems and only breed from healthy dogs. Margaret explains how to tell that the breeder you have chosen to purchase your Cav puppy from, has taken the right precautions to ensure your dog is as healthy as it can be. But, should the worst happen, and you have a dog with these health issues, she explains what support is available.

With simple tests to check for health problems, it seems surprising that any breeder would want to bring a puppy into the world knowing that it was going to suffer.

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