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Tina Hay is a partner at Wheldon Law, a Hertfordshire based, Criminal Defence firm of Solicitors who specialise in dangerous dog cases. About 7 years ago, she worked on her first dog case which went well for the owner. Now, dog cases now make up about 20% of the work that Wheldon take on and they've become expert in this specialist area. One of the downsides of that is that they can be called to cases all over the country. This involves a lot of travel and some very early starts.

Tina tells how she spends a typical day and about some of the cases she has worked on. The majority of their dog cases revolve around issues to do with banned breeds or where a dog is deemed to be "dangerously out of control in a public area". The owners of these dogs are usually just ordinary people with a generally well behaved dog who have found themselves in trouble with the law. Wheldon Law usually work with video footage of dogs, taken by dog experts. They often get to meet pet and owner, afterwards, though, when they pop in to say thank you after a successful outcome. They keep a jar of treats ready for those occasions!

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