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Vet's Klinic

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Length: 9:19
TV Vet Joe Inglis is the founder of Vet's Klinic, a revolutionary new kind of veterinary practice based in Swindon. The aim is to have something which is more open, accountable and affordable for pet owners. One element of that is a large, glass-walled prep room so that pet owners can see exactly what is going on in the clinic while they're waiting for their pet to be seen.

Another element of Vet's Klinic is the online aspect. Pet owners can access their pet's medical records, and photos and videos of their pets in the clinic, online. Owners can book appointments online too. The vets even hope to offer veterinary and behavioural advice online through live Q and A sessions.

Within the clinic, ingenious ways have been incorporated to keep pets calm and happy. Who knows? This may be the future of veterinary practices.

If you're not near Swindon you can benefit from Joe's new 'media channel' on their website, or watch his advice on 'how to find a good vet' in our video here.

This new centre will also be running behavioural sessions and puppy socialisation groups (find out more about the importance of puppy socialisation here).

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