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Understanding dog language

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Length: 14:01
Animal behaviour specialist, Jez, explains how we often misunderstand our dog's behaviour and how learning 'dog language' can really help in our dog training and general lives with our canine companions.

As Jez points out, if we wanted to understand a person from a foreign country, we would learn their language. If we hope to understand dogs better, it helps to learn how they communicate too. He gives some examples of how dogs use their whole bodies as well as vocalisations to communicate.

Jez discusses for example, what different tail carriages can mean - a wagging tail does not always signal a happy dog. Taking into account breed traits, you can often tell a lot about a dog's state of mind by what it is doing with their tail.

Finally, he points us in the direction of some invaluable resources for further information in this fascinating area.

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