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TTouch to improve learning

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Length: 12:32
In this video, Tina Constance explains how the canine therapy and dog training method Tellington TTouch can help a dog's learning ability during training. One of the mottos of the Tellington TTouch training method is: The touch that teaches.

In this video, Tellington TTouch Instructor, Tina explains how the method can influence a dog's ability to learn and help them to reach a calmer and improved state of learning.

Working with a calmer, balanced, more confident canine makes anything you would like to train your dog to do much easier, be it basic commands, agility exercises or obedience.

This is a great video to watch if you have a dog that is finding training classes challenging, is nervous during training, has trouble concentrating, is very 'busy' or easily over stimulated.

This video is fantastic example of the 'Ground Work' part of Tellington TTouch method. Tina guides Springer Spaniel 'Alfie' and his owner through a typical ground work session of exercises such as the labyrinth and walking over poles, whilst explaining how and why the different parts of the method are beginning to work for him as his confidence and balance improves.

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