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Stevenage Dogwatch

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Length: 9:25
Most people will have heard of the "Neighbourhood Watch" scheme, a community based initiative whereby neighbours help to ensure the security of one another's property by keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity. It is a scheme which has proved successful but it is limited geographically to the people on the same street.

Dog walkers, on the other hand, are likely to travel a lot further and it is because of this that the idea of "Dog Watch" was born. In Stevenage, and increasingly in other areas too, dog owners can join a scheme where they offer to be additional eyes and ears for the Community Police Service while out walking their dogs.

We hear from Community Police Officer Sgt. Ian Blundell and Stevenage Dog Watch Co-ordinator Sarah Sheldrick, how this works in practise. Sarah's rescue dogs, who are involved in a wide range of community activities, have been a big boost in the success of Dog Watch in the Hertfordshire town.

Sarah also uses the dogwatch 'mascots' (her dogs) and their role within Stevenage Dogwatch to raise money for local charities. At the time of filming, they had raised around £6,000 for a variety of rescue organisations and other charities.

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