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IPO (Schutzhund): Obedience

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Length: 10:40
In this video, we take a closer look at the sport of IPO, or Schutzhund, and see what is involved in the 'Obedience' part. IPO Trainer, Ashley Foster from Vislor Dog Training, describes it as the most technical of the skills, the one where people are most likely to lose points.

He tells us what the dog needs to be able to do for the sport at the different levels and how points are allocated. One of the key things the trainer has to get right is that the dog should not only perform all the tasks perfectly but should look as if they're thoroughly enjoying doing it.

Ashley gives us some useful pointers in how the obedience training is undertaken, including being aware of what aspects the dog can undertake at what age to ensure that they are not put under any unnecessary strain. All the training is reward based so might involve food rewards but Ashley also involves the ingenious use of a magnetic ball.

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