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IPO (Schutzhund)

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IPO or Schutzhund, as it is known in its native Germany, is a fascinating dog sport. It covers the skills of tracking, obedience and protection, exactly the sort of skills that are needed for a dog working with the police, for example. Most of the dogs competing are German Shepherds and in Continental Europe the sport is extremely popular, but is hardly know in the UK.

Ashley foster from Vislor Dog Training has been an active participant in the sport for 3 years, although his father has been involved in the sport since Ashley was born so Ashley is very familiar with how the sport works. In fact, in 2012, Ashley's father with his dog, came 7th in the IPO World Championships, the first time that a British representative came within the top 40, so he can be justly proud.

In this video, Ashley gives us an overview of the sport. He tells us how long the sport has been in existence, what the dog has to do and how points are allocated. For anyone who may have concerns about a dog sport that seems to show a dog being beaten with a stick, or that teaches a dog to bite on command, there are some helpful reassurances.

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