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How to stop your dog from pulling: lead stroking

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Length: 6:00
In this video, Tina Constance explains how to train your dog to walk on a lead nicely using the Tellington TTouch method of 'stroking the lead'. Improve your dog walks and the way your dog walks, with this fascinating technique.

In this video Tina Constance, Tellington TTouch Instructor, demonstrates to Caroline just how much of an influence our posture and responses can have on a dog that is pulling on the lead and teaches a way to utilise that influence to help a pulling dog.

This is a very useful technique to learn for dogs that get 'stuck', won't walk at some point during the walk, or refuse to go in the first place! The technique is also useful to help calm a dog that is perhaps sitting in a veterinary waiting room with you or in a room with other dogs, animals, people or lots things happening around them.

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