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Help stop puppy farming

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In this video, TV vet Marc Abraham ('Marc the Vet') explains how puppy farming produces dogs for profit rather than health of the puppies for sale and what we can do to reduce it.

Puppy farming is something that can be carried out in licensed, legal premises as well as unlicensed, illegal ones. Puppy farms can be large affairs, with 300 breeding bitches in a barn, or small scale back yard breeding. The key element these all have in common is that the puppies are being bred, not by responsible breeders who take care of the health of mother and pup and the socialisation of the puppies, but by people who's only concern is to produce puppies for profit, with no interest in the health and wellbeing of the animals.

Marc (BVM&S MRCVS), has been campaigning to raise awareness of and try to put a stop to puppy farming but he recognises that trying to do this through the legal process is fraught with problems because it's so difficult to police. However, those wishing to own a dog can help to put a stop to puppy farming by taking care in how they acquire their new dog. Marc tells us the tell tale signs to watch out for that the puppy may have come from a farm and the best places to go to be assured of a trustworthy breeder. He asks us to consider getting a dog from a rescue center. The Kennel Club has a Pedigree Dog Rescue Directory if we want a particular breed. One thing he guards against is our natural instinct to take on a sick pup from a puppy farm out of desire to want to rescue it. He points out that if we line the pockets of puppy farmers we are just perpetuating the problem.

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