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Elbow disease in dogs

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Length: 27:26
Noel Fitzpatrick, AKA "The Bionic Vet", is a pioneer in the world of veterinary surgery. In this video, he looks at how surgery can help with Developmental Elbow Disease or Elbow Dysplasia.

It will come as a surprise to many how very young dogs can have elbow disease which can cause undue pain, but it is surprisingly common in puppies of large breed dogs. Xena, at 6 months, is one such dog. Noel sees it as our moral responsibility, as animal guardians, to rescue these dogs from that pain.

Noel describes the tests needed to establish the right course of treatment. Surgery might not be the best treatment for all dogs. This is partly because there are hundreds of patterns of elbow dysplasia so any one of a range of surgeries or treatments can be appropriate.

He then goes on to show one of the procedures that can help with this condition using keyhole surgery.

Note: This video contains images of keyhole surgery from 19:15 minutes onwards.

Watch Noel's video about Cruciate Ligament Disease here.

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