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Dancing with dogs: an introduction

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Length: 5:31
In this video, dog training expert Mary Ann Nester explains dog dancing (heelwork to music / canine freestyle) and how you can teach some dancing dog tricks.

Mary Ann was born in the USA and came to Britain in 1972 as a student. In 1997 she set up Aslan Dog Training Club, named after her Lurcher and first agility dog.

She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers as well as a SAQ trainer (licence 30800) and accredited trainer in the DAQ method. In this video, she tells us about Doggy Dancing or Heelwork to Music as it's sometimes called. Doggy Dancing is a sequence of moves and tricks in time with music and in time with the handler. It is open to all ages and types of dog.

Here, she tells us how to get into Doggy Dancing and the sort of places we could perform it. This could be anything from giving a show to friends and family to competing at international level where the British team does very well. She gives some idea of basic moves here but these will be explored in greater depth in future videos. However, she also stresses the importance of a good solid foundation in obedience and having a dog that is well socialised.

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