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Dog training: the 'be still' cue

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Length: 19:18
There is a place in every dog's life for excitement but a dog who seems excited all the time may actually be in a state of stress. Equally, dogs that are lunging and barking are often stressed at the situation and are trying to control their environment in the only way they know how.

In this video, Brenda Aloff shows us how we can calm a dog by teaching them the "be still" cue. She then goes on to show how the training can be extended to help such a dog to keep calm in a potentially stressful situation, such as when meeting a new person or dog. The same technique can be equally powerful in helping a timid dog to relax.

These techniques are great for any dog, but especially those who are fearful, nervous, reactive or aggressive.

This video is a visual demonstration of the technique, if you are interested in using it with your own or other's dogs, we would thoroughly recommend finding out more with Brenda's book "Get Connected With Your Dog".

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