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Dog training: how to teach 'sit'

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Length: 3:28
In this dog training video, Sally Marchant shows how to teach a dog the sit command.

Teaching the 'Sit' command can help you have better control of your dog in many situations. It can also be a fabulous way to capture their attention.

When a dog is sitting, their posture changes and so in turn does their reaction to external stimuli. It can help calm your dog, give them a focus and can help to diffuse unwanted behaviour.

Here our resident Dog Training expert Sally Marchant takes you through using reward based training to teach your dog to 'Sit' with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy 'Enzo', to help to show the different stages involved.

Once you have mastered 'Sit', why not move on to:
Clicker training
The 'stand' command
Shaping, luring and catching behaviours
Teaching a basic recall
Teaching 'paw'

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