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Dog training: how to teach 'down'

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Length: 2:18
In this dog training video, Sally Marchant shows how to teach a dog the down command.

Teaching a dog to lie down is not just a neat trick to show off to friends and family, it can be really useful to help to relax your dog when you have visitors round or when you are at the vets. It can also be a vital command to use at a distance if your dog is about to do something dangerous like run across a road.

Follow along with Sally Marchant and Enzo, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. Learn to use reward based training to teach your dog the 'Down' command. Once your dog has learned the action, practice practice practice! Get your dog lying down at the side of the road, before they get their dinner or before throwing a ball in the park

Once you have mastered 'down', why not move on to:
Clicker training
The 'stand' command
Shaping, luring and catching behaviours
Teaching a basic recall
Teaching 'paw'

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