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Dog arthritis treatments

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Length: 6:05
In this video, holistic alternative veterinary surgeon, Nick Thompson, explains what is arthritis and some of the treatments for arthritis.

Arthritis is generally a well known disease. However, dogs don't suffer with all the same types of arthritis that humans do. As dogs get older, they often start to become a little stiff when they wake up or after a walk. Some dogs can even develop the disease at a young age. If this sounds like your dog, you may find this video very useful.

In this video, Nick Thompson (BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS) gives a quick rundown of the type of arthritis that can affect our Canine friends, describing exactly what is happening in a dog's body when arthritis occurs and explaining how complimentary medicine can be used to help dogs with both the early stages of arthritis and more developed joint issues.

Arthritis is often treated with non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and the dog is encouraged to rest. However, as Nick explains in this video, there can often be huge improvements by using a combination of natural veterinary prescriptions and treatments, tailored to your dogs individual needs. These can include acupuncture, supplements (such as Omega 3 fish oils and fatty acids), hydrotherapy, weight loss, magnetic collars and beds, homeopathy, chiropractors, or osteopaths alongside (or sometimes instead of) conventional drugs when under a holistic veterinarian's guidance.

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