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Canine Massage: the benefits

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Length: 9:15
For an introduction to Canine Massage Therapy, watch our Canine Massage video.

Canine Massage can help dogs in a variety of ways. In this clip Jenny Youdan from K9 Elements Massage Therapy explains the numerous benefits it provides, how it works with the other bodily systems and also informs us when this therapy is not appropriate.

Jenny provides insight with real-life case studies that demonstrate the results achieved using Canine Massage Therapy.

Jenny explains how Massage Therapy is suitable for lots of different types of dogs, all ages and all breeds. It can be especially helpful for dogs who compete in sports such as Flyball, Agility, Cani-X, Bikejoring, Sledding, Racing greyhounds, Show dogs or Obedience. It is also suitable for workings Dogs, such as Gundogs, Police dogs and Search and Rescue, or simply the beloved pet, whether they are senior or active, has an injury or holds nervous tension.

Please note: the case studies described in this video are not the dogs shown in the video clips.

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