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Breeding dogs: Mating

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Length: 10:40
Warning: This video contains graphic images of a mating and a 'tie' between two dogs.

Would-be breeders might be under the impression that there isn't much to the business of allowing dogs to do what comes naturally. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge can endanger the bitches and puppies, and can even endanger the sire too.

Michael Hollingsby has been breeding dogs for over 40 years and even with that level of experience, does not take the job on lightly. In this video we see a planned mating between two of his own show-quality Border Terriers. The puppies are wanted both for the show ring and for a long waiting list of 'pet' homes.

Michael's experience helps him to: choose the right sire (father) and dam (mother), ensure that appropriate health checks are carried out, know when to mate, help the mating to be carried out safely and with the maximum chance of success, know how to care for the bitch at pregnancy and birth (known as 'whelping'), and finally ensure that the puppies will go to a good home. Even with all the planning, Mike is still prepared to send for the vet at a moment's notice and the costs can mount up, but like any good breeder, he is not in the business of making money, just in improving the stock of the breed.

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