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Bowen Canine Myotherapy to treat dog pain

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Length: 1:53
In this video, holistic alternative veterinary surgeon, Nick Thompson, explains how Bowen natural medicine helped a dog who was in pain with CDRM.

Nick tells an inspiring tale of a dog who had simply 'tried everything' to help his condition of CDRM, where the nerve supply to the back legs was compromised, a little like muscular sclerosis in people.

'Griff' had been seen by a conventional vet and a specialist vet and had also been trying acupuncture with Nick himself. With Nick's help, Griff had lived 3 times longer than initially predicted but it wasn't until he started having a complimentary therapy called Bowen that he improved dramatically.

This story explains exactly why knowing about all the choices you and your dog have for health and well-being is so important, and why you should never give up hope because there really are more choices out there!

This is a great article for:
Dogs with hind legs problems
Dogs finding standing or walking difficult
Owners who are looking for further choices for their dog's health issue

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