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BAER dog hearing tests

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Julia freeman is the Neurology Technician at the Animal Health Trust and she has responsibility for the Hearing Test Clinic. The 'gold standard' hearing test for deafness in dogs is the BAER test or Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response Test.

In this video, we see Julia performing the BAER test on 5-week old Bull Terrier puppies in readiness for going to their new homes. Dogs with a predominately white coat, such as Dalmatians, white Boxers and white Bull Terriers, are at a significantly higher risk of congenital deafness than darker coated dogs.

When testing for congenital sensorineural deafness there are three possible outcomes:
* Bilaterally normal hearing - good hearing in both ears
* Unilateral deafness - complete deafness in one ear
* Bilateral deafness - deaf in both ears

Julia explains and demonstrates how the test works and what results we would hope (and expect) to see.

Dogs can cope extremely well with deafness in one or both ears but it his helpful to new owners to be informed if there is a problem either so that they are able to take account of this in their training or if they are considering breeding from the dog.

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