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Acupuncture for dogs with incontinence

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Length: 8:45
In this video, alternative Vet, Nick Thompson, explains how acupuncture can help with treating incontinence in dogs.

Merlin, a gorgeous English bull terrier, has been having sessions of acupuncture with Holistic Vet Nick Thompson. Merlin suffers from incontinence, which, although rarer in male dogs, has been troubling him for some time.

His conventional treatment of propalin wasn't completely doing the trick and, before he started the acupuncture, his only hope had been to have surgery. As Merlin is an older dog, his owner felt that surgery wasn't the best option for him, so she contacted Nick to find out if acupuncture could help.

This video gives you a rare chance to actually see what happens during a canine acupuncture session while Nick explains why acupuncture works, how it works and the different kinds of issues it can help with, including lung disorders, heart problems, whelping, joint issues and arthritis.

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