New puppy? Watch these essential puppy care videos

Congratulations on getting your new puppy!

So you've brought your new puppy home - what next?

The first few months of a dog's life are crucial. It's important that puppies are socialised early and meet as many new people, other dogs and different experiences, so they grow up confident and happy with the world around them.

If you haven't yet chosen your new puppy, check out the So you're thinking of getting a puppy? page to make sure you get the best puppy for you.

Watch video: Training your puppy: Puppy handling

It's important to start handling your puppy as soon as you get them so they get used to this from an early age.

This video shows how to gently get them comfortable with all the things needed for a basic health check.

Watch video: Puppy's first vet visit

Try and get your puppy to the vets in the first week you bring them home for a general check over and, if you are vaccinating, their first injections.

This can be a scary experience and a little preparation goes a long way.

Watch video: Puppy training classes

Dog training classes are fantastic places to teach your puppy some basic manners and let them get used to other dogs, and for you to ask any questions you have about their training.

It's always a good idea to go along first to see the class before taking your puppy to check you're happy with the training methods. Do the puppies look like they're enjoying themselves?

Watch video: Dog training - Puppy biting

If your puppy is a typical puppy, it will bite you. This is completely normal, and actually very important so that your puppy learns how sensitive us humans are, and that it has to be careful with their teeth when they are around us.

This puppy biting video explains the essential stages in teaching our puppies to be gentle. Then watch our second video showing how to train What to do when your puppy bites you.

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