Are you getting a new puppy? Watch these 'must see' videos now!

So, you're thinking of getting a puppy?

First of all - congratulations! The next few months are going to be an amazing journey.

One of the main decisions is what breed. There are many different breeds and most were bred to do a specific job. Can you provide the right home with the right activities for that breed for the rest of your dog's life?

Dog breed video library
Decide which puppy would best fit your lifestyle with our Dog Breed Video Library.

Watch video: Which dog breed is right for me?

In this short video, our animal expert talks about the different breeds and what you should be thinking about when choosing your new dog.

Watch video: Help stop puppy farming

It may be tempting if you find a puppy from a less than ideal situation that you might feel sorry for it and want to rescue it. Please please don't as 'rescuers' are unintentionally and unfortunately supporting the very sad puppy farming trade.

Watch video: How to choose a healthy puppy

Health is a major consideration when buying a puppy. The puppy down the street may be cheaper now, but vet bills throughout a dog's life can run into thousands of pounds. With this video, learn how to ask the right questions based on the breed you are getting to get the best chance of living with a healthy dog for many years.

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Watch video: How the puppy breeder can help

There are some surprisingly easy things that the breeder can do before you even get your puppy home, to ensure the process of getting your new family member is as smooth as possible.

Ask your breeder if they are housetraining, socialising and manners training the puppies, as explained by our animal expert in this video.

Below are some more videos to watch BEFORE you get your new puppy.

When you have your new puppy, visit the 'Must-See Puppy Videos' page.