Find out about different dog breeds

Dog breeds

Are you thinking of getting a dog? What did you have in mind: a Golden Retriever, a Bull Terrier or something more unusual like the Portuguese Water Dog? Or would you like to know about different dog breeds out of interest?

Expert information from the breeders

In this fantastic free resource, you can find out first hand from the experts what each individual breed is like in our videos about each type of dog.

They tell us everything from how much grooming or exercise their dogs need to what their character is like. Did you know how much effort goes into achieving the dreadlock coat of the Hungarian Puli, or where the name Border Terrier comes from, or that there are six different kinds of Dachshund?

Watch breeds in action

In these videos, you don't just hear about the dogs - you get to actually see them in action too. From Rottweilers showing their obedience skills, to a Bull Terrier that can "play the piano", you'll get to see the different breeds as puppies at play or much loved pets having a good old cuddle on the settee.

So, what would you like to know about - do the small dog breeds like the little affenpinscher appeal, or is the giant Mastiff more your scene?

Can't see your favourite breed?

If you're interested in a breed we haven't filmed yet, visit our dog breed library for information about every breed recognised by The Kennel Club.

One thing you can guarantee is that if we don't have your breed of choice yet, it will be on our list to film for the future. We're adding new videos all the time so check back soon.

And best of all, these videos are completely free!

Once you have watched these, why not try a membership for just £4.95 per month (you can stop or pause your membership at any time) to watch the 100's of other videos in our video library.