Weimaraner (Short and Long haired)

Breed stats

Breed group Gundog Size Large Life span Over 10 Years Exercise More than an hour per day Grooming Once a week Coat length Short Coat sheds? Yes
The Weimaraner is easy to recognise from his distinctive colouring. Their eyes range from amber to blue-grey and their coat is a unique grey too, occasionally with a small white patch on the chest.

They are quite a large, athletic dog. Their coat is normally short and smooth although there is a much rarer long-haired variety.

They come from Weimar in Germany where they were used as a hunting dog, originally for big game but later for hunt, point and retrieve of water birds.

With the right training they are loving and affectionate but they are a working dog that needs mental and physical challenge. They are good with children although can be boisterous, and ok with other dogs and strangers but may not be trusted around small mammals as they have a strong prey drive. They have a lot of stamina and energy and need plenty of exercise.

The typical short coat is easy to maintain. They are prone to bloat, hip dysplasia, hypertropic osteodystrophy (excessive rapid growth) and mast cell tumours.

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