Tibetan Terrier

Breed stats

Breed group Utility Size Medium Life span Over 10 Years Exercise Up to 1 hour per day Grooming Every day Coat length Long Coat sheds? No
The Tibetan Terrier is not actually in the Terrier group but was given the Terrier name by the first Europeans who encountered it. There is, however, a streak of Terrier wilfulness about them.

They are a medium-sized, square looking dog with long hair on their face giving them the look of a beard, moustache and bushy eyebrows. The thick, double coat has a soft, woolly undercoat with a long, straight to wavy, top coat that comes in all colours.

They were kept by monks about two thousand years ago as good luck charms and were helpful as watchdogs and herders. The monks refused to sell them but occasionally gave them as gifts. They are a gentle and affectionate dog, intelligent and loyal. They normally get along fine with other animals but may not be suitable for small children and can be a little wary of strangers. They have a lot of stamina and energy and need plenty of exercise.

Their coat needs a good deal of brushing and combing and regular bathing. They can also be trimmed. They are prone to PRA and hip dysplasia and can also be sensitive to fleas.

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