Poodle (Toy)

Breed stats

Breed group Utility Size Small Life span Over 12 Years Exercise Up to 1 hour per day Grooming Every day Coat length Medium Coat sheds? No
The sweet little Toy Poodle is probably the Poodle most suited to town life but has a history of performing tricks in the Circus too.

Poodles come in a variety of sizes: Standard (the largest), Miniature (smaller) and Toy (smallest) although some countries also recognise a Medium-sized which sits between Standard and Miniature. They all have a generally square look, a long, straight muzzle and hanging ears. They do not shed but their curly coat is typically close cut and comes in a variety of solid colours. The coat can be corded but keeping it curly is more popular.

The original Standard Poodle was bred in Europe, as a water retrieval dog and the Miniature and Toy poodles have been bred down from that. The smaller types were sometimes used to hunt truffles but they have mainly found favour as performers and companions.

Like all Poodles, the Toy is highly intelligent and trainable. They are a cheerful, lively little dog.
With the right training they can be stranger, children and dog friendly as long as their cuteness doesn't encourage people to spoil them. They are an active dog but will settle indoors as long as given plenty of exercise outside. They love water.

The poodle needs their long ears checking and their coat clipping regularly. There are a variety of clips but miniature Poodles often just have a "puppy clip" - short all over. They are prone to eye problems, heart disease, Anemia, diabetes, epilepsy, slipped stifle, ear infections digestive problems and skin allergies.

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