Breed stats

Breed group Toy Size Small Life span Over 12 Years Exercise Up to 30 minutes per day Grooming Every day Coat length Long Coat sheds? Yes
At one time Pekingese could only be owned by Chinese royalty. Anyone who stole one would be executed and if you were not of noble birth you had to bow to them.

They are a small, compact dog with a stocky body that is slightly longer than it is tall. Their head is large for the body-size with a flat front face and long ears that seem to blend in. The double coat has a long outer layer that comes in a variety of colours.

Named after the ancient Chinese city of Peking, now Beijing, they were owned by Chinese emperors and sacrificed with them on their death to accompany them to the afterlife. They are spirited but sensitive, playful yet dignified and naturally brave although need to be taught not to guard their possessions. They can be very loving and make excellent companions. They are often people, children and animal friendly. They are quite inactive indoors and can easily become overweight so care needs to be taken of their food intake and they need a daily walk.

The long coat needs daily brushing and combing. Pekingese are prone to catching colds, herniated disks dislocated kneecaps, ingrowing eyelashes breathing problems and heart problems. They also often have difficult births.

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