Lancashire Heeler

Breed stats

Breed group Pastoral Size Small Life span Over 12 Years Exercise Up to 1 hour per day Grooming Once a week Coat length Short Coat sheds? Yes
The Lancashire Heeler is a tough little character who likes to be busy.

They are a small dog with a long body and short legs in relation to the body length. The coat is black with tan markings or liver with tan markings. It is short and sleek in summer but grows thicker in winter when it develops a noticeable mane.

Like other low to the ground dogs such as the Corgi, the Heeler was bred to herd cattle by nipping at the ankles, but is rarely used for herding today. They are intelligent and eager to learn but may not be the easiest breed to train. Because of their instinct to nip ankles, especially when excited, this needs to be trained out of them.

They generally like people but may be a little wary of strangers and they tend to prefer the company of older rather than younger children. They can be friendly to other dogs but naturally want to be in charge. Care needs to be taken around small mammals as they are the Heeler's normal prey. They enjoy a daily walk but tend to be very active indoors too.

The coat is easy to maintain with regular brushing and combing. There is a health condition in the breed called Primary Lens Luxation for which there is a DNA test. All puppies should be bred from health tested parents or those that are hereditarily clear of lens luxation.

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