Breed stats

Breed group Working Size Large Life span Over 10 Years Exercise More than an hour per day Grooming Once a week Coat length Short Coat sheds? Yes
Dobermanns have a bad press, but with the right training these can be good family dogs and even be used as therapy dogs.

The Dobermann is a medium-sized, muscular dog. The short, glossy coat is often black with distinctive tan markings on the head, chest and legs but the base can be other colours too.

They are said to have been bred by German Tax Collector Louis Dobermann to help him with his work. Subsequently they have proved a valuable assistant to the police. Dobermanns are natural guarders and need strong leadership. They are very intelligent and trainable and can do well at obedience.

They can be trained to be good with children and strangers and to tolerate other animals. Dobermanns have great strength and stamina and need plenty of exercise.

Their short coat is easy to care for. They are prone to cervical spondylitis, certain blood disorders, skin problems, bloat, hip dysplasia and heart problems.

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