Chinese Crested

Breed stats

Breed group Toy Size Small Life span Over 12 Years Exercise Up to 30 minutes per day Grooming Once a week Coat length Short Coat sheds? Yes
The Chinese Crested is the most popular of all the hairless breeds but they actually come in two varieties, the hairless and the powderpuff.

They are a small, slender dog. The hairless has hair only on their head, feet and tail whereas the powderpuff has a soft coat all over. They have large, erect ears and come in all colours.

They actually originate in Africa but were brought on board Chinese trading ships to hunt vermin.

They crave human companionship, are alert and affectionate. They are trainable and can be remarkably good at agility. They are very people friendly but children may need to be careful not to damage the skin of the hairless. They are generally good natured with other animals. Although active indoors, they need a good daily walk too.

The hairless type do not need a lot of brushing but will need bathing frequently. The powderpuffs have a very fine coat that matts together easily so regular brushing is essential.

The hairless need sun cream to protect them against sun and coats for the cold and tend to have more problems with their teeth than the powderpuffs. Both varieties can be allergic to wool.

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