Breed stats

Breed group Hound Size Medium Life span Over 10 Years Exercise More than an hour per day Grooming Once a week Coat length Short Coat sheds? Yes
The Beagle is a sociable, cheerful dog, eager to please and game for anything.

They are a sturdy little hound that looks like a miniature Foxhound. Their coat is short and sleek and any hound-type colouring is acceptable. When out hunting, they have a recognisable baying call.

The first Beagles date back to the 1500s bred by the British to track and hunt small game. They are brave and intelligent with a strong tracking instinct so will respond well to scent-based games.

They are a good family dog, liking people and children. They are bred to co-operate with other dogs but might not be trustworthy around other animals. They need plenty of exercise as they have lots of energy and stamina but are a very active dog indoors as well as out. Like all hounds, once they pick up a scent, they have a tendency towards selective deafness.

The short coat is easy to care for with regular brushing and the occasional shampoo. Some lines can be prone to epilepsy, heart disease, eye and back problems.

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