Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

Breed stats

Breed group Hound Size Medium Life span Over 10 Years Exercise More than an hour per day Grooming Every day Coat length Long Coat sheds? Yes
The Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) loves human company and is fun to have around. The name is sometimes shortened to GBGV.

The name describes the dog perfectly: Basset (shortened leg), Griffon (wiry-coated), Vendeen (from the Vendee region in France), Grand (larger of the two breeds, standing about two inches taller at the shoulder than the Petit). They come in any hound colour and white.

Originating from the Vendee region of France, they were bred to hunt rabbit, hare and deer. With a strong hunting drive, they love to dig and can be good at escaping so need a secure garden. They also have a strong bark and healthy appetite, if they are in a secure environment, finding and feeding them isn't normally a problem. This breed is a hound and loves company they should never be left for long periods of time as they will howl and become withdrawn.

They get along well with people and other dogs but are less trustworthy with non-canine pets, GBGV's are an active breed that enjoys walking and has plenty of stamina.

They must be groomed regularly with a metal comb to rake out the top coat which would normally be ripped out whilst hunting in heavy undergrowth. Their undercoat does not shed and they are a generally healthy breed.

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