Australian Silky Terrier

Breed stats

Breed group Toy Size Small Life span Over 12 Years Exercise Up to 30 minutes per day Grooming More than once a week Coat length Medium Coat sheds? Yes
This courageous little terrier is intelligent and sociable.

The little Silky Terrier is slightly longer than it is tall, with a long silky coat, parted down the middle of the back in shades of tan, black and blue.

They were bred from combining the Yorkshire and Australian Terriers largely as companion dogs but are naturally good at catching small rodents.

Although he is friendly, he is also self-sufficient and full of curiosity. Generally good with people, they have a tendency to chase small wildlife. They have great stamina and are full of energy and will need to go for regular walks as well as the exercise they give themselves by running around at home.

The silky coat is fine to maintain if it is combed daily. If left, it will tangle and matt easily.

They are a generally healthy little dog.

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