About us - The Naturally Happy Dogs team

The Naturally Happy Dogs team

Naturally Happy Dogs is an online magazine dedicated to giving you advice from a range of experts so that you can make informed decisions. We provide our articles in video format so that you can see for yourself how training methods, the latest canine products, veterinary techniques and natural therapies work, directly from the experts themselves.

The Naturally Happy Dogs team are passionate about promoting natural dog care and improving the lives of dogs all around the world. By providing people with information about the various options they have when it comes to the health and well being of their pets, they become empowered to make a difference. Our mission is to start that process to make a difference in pets lives all over the world.

We visit top experts in their fields to ensure we are bringing you the very latest information about kind and modern techniques and practices. We focus on the natural side of feeding and veterinary care where possible and, over time, aim to cover every aspect of dog ownership, from how often to feed your new puppy, to participating and competing in various sports, to choosing the best option once your pet has passed over the rainbow bridge.

If there is a topic that you would like us to cover, or if you are interested in contributing to the magazine, please get in touch here.

Kevin Marchant Technical Director

Kevin Marchant

Kev has been running his own website design and development company, Mitsol Web Studios, for over 6 years and has experience with designing and maintaining many websites, from small personal sites all the way up to large sites receiving over 100,000 hits per month.

His experience building bespoke CMS systems, multi-language sites, eCommerce and much more has helped keep Naturally Happy Dogs at the forefront of web technologies. As well as designing and building the website from scratch, Kev is also the main cameraman, ensuring that the High Definition footage we capture is as clear as possible.

Kevin has had a number of dogs in the past and currently lives with Sally the wife, Sandy and Skyler the dogs and Tigger the cat. His ideal future would include a large farmhouse with lots of land so that he can have many more dogs.

Sally Marchant Executive Director

Sally Marchant

Sally Marchant holds a First Class Honours degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training and has many years experience working with and training all sorts of animals (from hamsters to giraffe!) and has been teaching dog training to adults and children for the past 16 years. Sandy has been her 'project dog', bringing her from a dog who was unsafe around any dogs or people, to a friendly member of society. Sally now also has crossbreed puppy 'Skyler' who was abandoned in a shop doorway at about 6 weeks old.

She enjoyed 16 years with Swedish Vallhund dog 'Lady' (show name: Geldane Silver Lady) and now has crossbreed 'Sandy' (Daly's Golden Sandy) who Sally rescued from Wood Green Animal Shelters after her third home returned her.

Over a number of years Sally has competed in agility, obedience and flyball. Sally's passion for animals has seen her working in boarding and rescue kennels, on a rare breeds public farm, at a private zoo that trains their animals for film and TV work, as an assistant handler with a dog at the Royal Opera House for "L'elisir D'amore" and with a number of dogs at photo shoots and TV programs.

As well as working on Naturally Happy Dogs Sally supplies a number of trained dogs for film and TV work, many who have visited her 'Film Classes' to learn the skills needed for this type of work, these dogs can be seen at www.dalysdogs.co.uk.

Sally enjoys sharing her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for dog care and training with the world, and making a positive difference to dogs and owners' lives.